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(C)lou - a shortcut to the printed label

We have made it our task to make recurring work steps more efficient and to accelerate them. Above all, tasks in the area of office and intralogistics should be fired. Our label printer (C)lou - clever labeling without detours fulfills exactly these conditions! As the name suggests, the compact mini computer shortens and simplifies the path between a number entered via the keyboard and the printed label. The product thus answers the clear need on the market for a simplified and device-independent print solution. The Cube concentrates on its core task: Without stopping its users with unasked design options and technical gimmicks, it sends the print job to the connected printer without any problems. The input takes place via any keyboard with USB connection, which does not need more than a number pad and an enter key. An additional monitor also proves to be superfluous - two LED lights in red and green indicate that the smart printing assistant is switched on and ready for use.

Clever bar coding

Agile product development and everyday process optimization: that is our corporate culture. During the development phase of (C)lou, the team integrated the option of using a barcode scanner instead of a keyboard and of course also being able to print out barcodes. This connectivity supports employees, for example, when picking goods. Since the minimalist guiding principle is also in the foreground here and no additional peripherals in the form of a display or monitor are desired, the (C)lou comes with a toggle switch, over which the user can choose between the two variants, number series and barcode.

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