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Communication Solutions

Communication Problems?

Are you hiring new employees or opening another branch and first have to spend huge sums on telephones? Then you also have to apply for more numbers and have a technician come over to install the equipment. Stop - virtual telephone systems put an end to this.

The Solution: IP-Based Communication Software from Swyx

Swyx is the leading Unified Communications (UC) solution for medium-sized companies. This replaces classic telephone systems and replaces them with an IP-based solution. As a result, companies benefit internally and in customer contact from improved accessibility and optimized business processes and can thus increase productivity in the workplace.

Ihre Vorteile

Complete solution: All communication functions combined in one user interface

Flexible: Tailor-made solutions for your needs.

Collaboration: Unified Communications for more effective communication and improved collaboration.

Regardless of location: Reachable anytime and anywhere.

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