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Lots of tools, little transparency, large expenditure of time?

For the sake of simplicity, many companies initially use a mixture of simply structured and stand-alone tools to control their processes. This may seem like an inexpensive approach at first. However, these separate systems can make reporting significantly more difficult because they do not exchange data, lead to errors because there is no uniform database, and they take a lot of time, even for everyday tasks, because you have to switch between different tools. In addition, many companies use them to create important documents (e.g. creating invoices in Word or Excel), which, however, can be manipulated and are therefore not legally secure. Do these points apply to you?

The solution: An ERP System from Hamburger Software

An enterprise resource management system (ERP system) automates and connects business processes of different departments within a company and thus guarantees more productivity and transparency. The ERP system from Hamburger Software is the cost-effective standard solution for small and medium-sized companies. From the modules inventory management, financial accounting, payroll, personnel and document management you put together your personal ERP system that covers the needs of your company.

Source: Hamburger Software

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