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E-Mail Encryption

Sensitive Data Attached?

Email is the preferred means of communication for companies. The collection of data via emails happens on a terrifyingly large scale these days. This can happen through targeted attacks or simply through human error, e.g. by typing in an incorrect email address. The only way to ensure that your emails and the data they contain are only read by the intended recipient is to use comprehensive email security and encryption.

The Solution: Cryptshare

Cryptshare has developed an email encryption system that is geared towards user friendliness. It can be easily integrated into the mail client used via an add-in, so no additional software is required and there is no need to exchange certificates or create user accounts.

How It Works

  1. Verify your email address once
  2. Write a mail and assign a password
  3. Mails are transmitted to the Cryptshare server with a secure connection
  4. Cryptshare Server sends a notification to the recipients containing the download link and the contact details of the sender; Recipients can contact the sender to ask for the password
  5. Recipients can now download the email via a secure connection after entering the password
  6. Sender receives notification that the files have been retrieved
  7. Files are removed from the server after a predetermined period of time

Your Advantages

   Schutz vertraulicher Informationen.

Send data of any size securely.

IT compliance: full transparency of files sent through reporting and evaluation options.

 Prevent data breaches.

  GDPR-compliant mail.

Process digitization: All communication processes can be automated and securely designed by Cryptshare.

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