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Looking for an Excel Replacement?

Are you looking for a simple and quick solution, for example to coordinate appointments, plan events, or to manage invoices and products? Do you lack the time and budget for individual software development and a standard solution does not meet your requirements? Is that why you maintain dozens of Excel lists every day? You are not alone in this. But using Excel as a central business tool is very laborious, time-consuming and error-prone.

The Solution: Lowcode Platforms

Using a ready-made modular system, low-code platforms enable cloud-based applications to be created and deployed quickly. Our development partner in the field of low-code parcs IT Consulting creates your tailor-made application with Ninox in no time at all. Ninox is a cloud-based low-code platform that greatly simplifies data management for topics such as customer management, inventory management, and order and project management. Suitable for every industry!

Ihre Vorteile

Quick and easy: Less programming effort thanks to ready-made modules

Inexpensive: Inexpensive licenses and short development cycles

Customized: Needs-based composition of the application

Flexibly expandable: Do you need additional functions? No problem!

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Christian Kutzner

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