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Beeing constantly in control of all processes -not an easy task for modern company management. Work force management and the use of efficient technologies, as well as the control of internal work processes - often an impenetrable tangle. IT solutions that are used sensibly are not the panacea, but they are a successful approach to greater transparency and efficiency. Here we start! Through comprehensive process analysis and a wide range of expert knowledge, we offer you IT consulting that will surely show you new ways.

Our specialties

Data Privacy

compliance with the GDPR

external data protection officer

forms and contracts

We help you implement the GDPR in your company and to protect the personal data of your customers and employees. On request, we act as your external data protection officer.

Data security

Backup concepts

Protection against external attacks

Avoiding economic damage

The loss of data can cause great economic damage to a company. We work with you to develop a suitable data backup concept and corresponding security solutions.

Digital Transformation

Simplify processes

Choosing the right software

Training of employees

Automating manual processes can save time and money. We can help your company and your employees to simplify processes through digital transformation.

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