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IT Security

Gaps in IT security?

Cyber ​​attacks are a ubiquitous threat. New variants of the malware are constantly being added and the attacks are becoming more and more intelligent and targeted. Generally, the goal is to deny access to certain systems or data and to only activate it again when a certain ransom amount has been paid or to take it directly and threaten to publish it if there is no money.

Protection against attacks by malware can be provided by antivirus programs, which identify them and, at best, prevent them from running successfully and remove them from the system. However, some cyber attacks make profound changes to the infected system that cannot be easily reversed. Then the damage for the affected companies is immense: There are costs for the restoration of the systems, production downtimes and the associated lack of sales.

The Solution: Sophos Malware Protection

The British security software manufacturer Sophos has set itself the goal of providing its customers with the best IT security and thus the best protection for their data. Sophos products provide security for all endpoints within your network and are easy to use. In the wide range of products you will find the solution that perfectly suits your individual requirements.

Your Advantages

 Easy handling

Reliable protection for your entire network including servers and devices

Easy management in the cloud

The right product for your needs

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