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TimeFleX Solutions is a modular scheduling tool that enables efficient and time-saving scheduling and coordination. The origin and heart of the software is the TimeFleX group calendar. It has many functions that are only available to a limited extent or not at all in standard mail clients. It is available as a web app for use in the browser or as an add-in for Microsoft Outlook and IBM Notes. This means that the company-wide calendar data can be made accessible to everyone and the numerous filter and zoom options make it a helpful planning tool that not only makes appointments for e.g. Makes meetings easier, but also makes Excel tables for vacation, shift and project overviews, for example, superfluous.

The most important features at a glance

  • Even with a large number of calendars to be displayed, it still remains clear and efficient
  • Full text search in all displayed calendars
  • create and manage your own group calendars (e.g. for different departments or projects)
  • Zoom to hours, days, months
  • Filter calendar entries and save them as a separate group calendar
  • Customizable user rights by the administrator or user
  • Never miss appointments again thanks to the reminder function
  • the mobile app enables use on the go

You can also book useful additional modules and adapt TimeFlex to the individual requirements of your company.

  • Meeting Finder: Perform appointment polls and easily find the right date for the next meeting
  • Digital door signs: All information about the occupancy status of your rooms is always at hand in real time
  • Catering and services module: Include external service providers and thus define catering or other services and determine who can book which service.
  • Desk sharing module (2020): This allows your employees to book a workstation in your office. The workstations can, for example, be booked according to different equipment features.
Overview of Timeflex components
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