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As a reseller, we offer you the high-quality products from Signotec. It is also possible to integrate these products into individually developed software. .

The electronic signature can be used in all areas in which documents are signed and then have to be further processed electronically. It can be used in financial institutions, service companies, industry and in many other industries. By using the electronic signature, the document can always remain in its digital form from creation to archiving. This also leads to a reduction in costs.

Since July 1, 2016, the electronic signature has been recognized by the EU-wide eIDAS regulation.
With the Signotec products, "advanced electronic signatures" are generated according to ISO (PDF standard).

Digital transformation made easy

Cost reduction

The creation of the digital document up to the archiving can be realized without media break/p>

Von unabhängigen Prüfinstituten geprüft und zertifiziert

Easy to implement

Passing on the signature is excluded

Is accepted for the certification of declarations of intent

Also available for mobile use

The signatures have the following characteristics:
  • It is only assigned to the signatory
  • It enables the signatory to be identified
  • It is created with means that the signatory can keep under his sole control
  • It is linked to the data to which it refers in such a way that a subsequent change in the data is recognized
The technology required for this consists of the following elements:
  • An electronic writing pad to capture the signature
  • Software with which the visual and biometric features are introduced into the document and which reliably protects the document against manipulation,
  • An interface that transfers the signed document to an existing document management system without media breaks
  • A software that checks whether the signature provided was made by the right person and whether document integrity is guaranteed.

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