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As a certified partner we offer you the high-quality technical innovations from ReinerSCT. Our trained employees take care of the device setup and help you with any questions.


Everything perfectly in view - thanks to digital time recording

Do you keep track of the working hours of your employees in Excel or with timesheets? Then switch to electronic time recording now. This not only reduces your manual effort to a minimum, you also offers many other advantages. We have put together the most important ones for you here. And best of all: The timeCard system pays off in a very short time, even for small companies, and is suitable for all industries.


Save time with the automatic data transfer into your payroll and calculation.


Benefit from the diverse evaluation options.


Book working hours on individual projects and bill services for projects.


See which employees and possibly visitors are currently in the house.


Give your employees flexible working hours through flextime accounts.


Record your working hours using our mobile app.

Legal Requirements

Before May 14, 2019, only overtime of employees had to be recorded. Now the EU has obliged the member states to set up an „bjective, reliable and accessible “ system for the daily time recording of employees. Thus, it will be necessary for some companies to make changes in the way they handle working hours. Above all, it is important to note that the system offers a certain degree of flexibility so that it can also be used by employees in the home office, in the field or on business trips.


The time recording solution from REINER SCT is exactly tailored to the individual needs of the companies. Even a small company can benefit from the timeCard system. This system automates the evaluation of time recording and saves a lot of administrative effort.

Witht he timeCard 10 you always have an overview from anywhere. For more planning security and less administration.

At thetimeCard Terminal 3 employees can book working hours, absence and projects quickly and easily. Bookings are transferred directly to the timeCard server via the network.

The timeCard select Terminalhas an integrated battery pack and is an addition to time tracing on the go or in places with no network connection

The timeCard App is the perfect solution for time and project booking on the go or from home.

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