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The development of a web application is always the means of choice when access to the application is to be possible from anywhere. All you need is an Internet connection and a browser. Classic use cases are online portals, which for example facilitate the exchange of data and information between you and your customers or suppliers.

However, a web-based application can also be made available in an internal network, e.g. your company network, and can then only be accessed there. With the help of such intranet solutions, internal processes can be simplified.

We design and develop your website on the basis of a modern Content Management System (CMS). These systems come with a multitude of ready-made components so that we can implement your website quickly and cost-effectively. If required, we also program extensions ourselves according to your wishes. Of course, your future website has a responsive design and is therefore compatible with end devices in all common sizes. We create your website according to the technical SEO standards, which ensure a good visibility on Google and Co. (OnPage search engine optimization).

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