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The digitalization of information and processes is one of the key challenges for forward-looking industrial companies. As process optimizers, we offer our customers concepts and solutions that suit them. For the implementation of successful Enterprise Content Management projects, we rely on the expertise and products of d.velop AG, especially their ECM product d.3ecm.

Efficient ECM systems make it possible to digitize increasing amounts of data from incoming invoices to technical drawings, to automatically direct data streams and to store information centrally in such a way that all authorized employees have access to it. At the end of the entire process there are transparent corporate structures with a high level of information capability for each individual. We will be happy to show you which digitalization resources are dormant in your company and how we can integrate ECM systems into your IT landscape in a budget-conscious and sustainable manner.

Who looks at the extent of data, plans and documents to a machine today, it quickly becomes clear that for their structuring and archiving other standards must be applied today than just a few years ago ─ Big Data has reached the machine and plant construction. The flood of data is partly due to the fact that the complexity of the machines has increased, plants are becoming more and more specialized. As a result of the resulting increase in automation components, which in turn require explanation, the volume of documents is growing. Users often act with 100-page Word or PDF operating instructions and construction plans. Added to this is the decreasing vertical range of manufacture, because third-party components such as milled parts are increasingly supplied by contract manufacturers instead of being produced in-house. The associated IT environment also comes from external sources and with them manuals and documents en masse. There is a high demand for solutions for the targeted storage, consolidation, archiving and transparent provision of data. Time for sophisticated Enterprise Content Management (ECM).

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